10 Steps to Supporting Your Type 1 Diabetes Management

This booklet is a brief guide to help you overcome some of the common challenges which can show up when managing type 1 diabetes (T1D). Whether you’re newly diagnosed, or living with T1D for most of your life, it can feel daunting to know where to start - this guide offers some suggestions on how to do this in a step-wise manner. Taking things a step at a time (sometimes over days, sometimes over weeks and months) should result in meaningful improvements – fewer highs, fewer lows and most importantly a greater feeling of overall wellbeing.


Step 1: Sorting out the background insulin

Step 2: Avoiding overnight hypos

Step 3: Getting the morning glucose on target

Step 4: Matching the quick acting dose to meals

Step 5: Getting the timing right

Step 6: Getting the correction factor right (and not overusing it)

Step 7: Treating hypos appropriately

Step 8: Dealing with exercise

Step 9: Periodically review your patterns (and share them)

Step 10: Accessing support with your diabetes



This booklet has been adapted with permission from Dr. Fraser Gibb Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and STEP - Scottish type 1 Educational Programme.

Special thanks to the input and feedback contributed by members of the D1 Now Young Adult Panel (YAP) as well as the Diabetes Team in Beaumont Hospital in the adaptation of this booklet.


Download a copy of the '10 Steps to Supporting your Type 1 Diabetes Management' here:

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