Diabetes and Driving

When driving, there are always some steps that you as young adults should take. Truth be told, this is important for all people with diabetes. 
  1. Always carry fast acting carbohydrate.
  2. Never drive for more than 2 hours without a snack
  3. Check sugar before and during a journey.
  4. Carry identification.

If symptoms of hypoglycaemia occur:

  1. Stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so.
  2. Remove the keys from the ignition and move into the passenger seat.
  3. Immediately treat with rapid-acting carbohydrates e.g glass of orange juice, 5 dextrose sweets, a glass of coke.

You also must inform the driving license company if:

  1. You are been treated with insulin or tablets that cause low blood sugar levels e.g. gliclazide, diamicron.
  2. If you suffer more than one episode of severe hypoglycaemia within 12 months( this means a low blood sugar level that someone needs to help you treat )
  3. If you have a severe hypoglycaemia event while driving
  4. If you develop impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia

Golden rule: Never drive with a blood glucose under 5mmol/l

by Aine Cunningham

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