Stress Management and Type 1 Diabetes

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This is a 2-part workshop recorded by D1 Now Support Worker Michelle Lowry on the area of 'Stress and Type 1 Diabetes'.

Part 1 looks at: Understanding what stress is; The relationship between stress and T1 diabetes and Recognising individual stress responses.

Part 2 focuses on introducing you to some strategies to support stress management in the context of T1 Diabetes.


(Please see the 'Recommended Resources' and 'Support Options' tabs for more information related to the content introduced in this workshop.)



Here are some links and suggestions to some additional resources which may build on the strategies introduced in the workshop video:


Some Recommended Apps:

Stop Breathe Think - Find out more at:  

 Smiling Mind - Find out more at:




There are a lot of support options available to you to help you manage feelings of stress. Check out a directory of mental health services available through -


Examples of Face-To-Face Support Services:

Your College or School Counsellor - If you’re a student, there will probably be free counselling services at your school or college. The counsellors are there to support students cope with a range of issues including stress management.

Jigsaw - Jigsaw offers free mental health support for young people aged 12-25. There are 13 local services around Ireland -

Diabetes Ireland Counselling Services - (Care Centres in Cork and Dublin) -


Examples of Online Content and Support:


Peer Support:

Peer support from the type 1 diabetes community here in Ireland and indeed across the world is also a huge resource we all have available to us. Grainne Flynn, who is a co-founder of Thrivabetes (Type 1 Diabetes Conference & Community), has compiled a list of the diabetes support groups here in Ireland which is available to view at:


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