Prof Molly Byrne, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology and Director of the HBCRG, NUI Galway

Prof Byrne is a Health Psychologist and Health Research Board Research Leader (2014-2019). She directs the HBCRG, a national hub and internationally-recognised centre of excellence in health behavioural intervention research. Her work focuses on the application and development of behavioural science to improve outcomes from health behaviour change interventions, primarily in the areas of management and prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Prof Byrne contributes to the D1 Now Study by ensuring that the most up-to-date methods and theories from behavioural science are used to inform intervention development and evaluation. Prof Byrne also has experience of participatory research approaches, which underpin the D1 Now Study and all research conducted in the HBCRG. She directly supervises the Behavioural Science Post-doctoral Researcher on the D1 Now study. 


Prof Dympna Casey (RGN, BA, MA, PhD) 

Prof Casey's research interests include psychosocial aspects of dementia care and self-management of chronic diseases. She has specific expertise in qualitative research methodologies. In her role in the D1 Now Study, she will oversee the Qualitative post doc researcher. 

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Prof John Newell

Prof Newell is a Biostatistican whose primary areas of research are in the theory and application of statistical methods in clinical trials of health service and population health interventions and in the development of novel analytic approaches in Sports and Exercise Science. Prof Newell is the lead statistician on the D1 Now study and is responsible for the design and analysis of the randomised pilot study.

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NUI Galway Bio - John Newell

Prof Simon Heller, Professor of Clinical Diabetes, University of Sheffield and Hon Consultant Physician

Professor of Clinical Diabetes, University of Sheffield and Hon Consultant Physician, Director of R & D, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust Prof Heller trained in Nottingham and St Louis, USA before working in Sheffield.  He is a clinician and researcher, interested in hypoglycaemia and developing interventions to improve self management in type 1 diabetes.Role in the D1 Now Study is to share experience of developing interventions in the UK including interventions in young people.


Mary Clare O'Hara, D1 Now Programme Manager and Lead Researcher

Mary Clare O’Hara is the D1 Now Programme Manager and Lead Researcher in the Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Galway University Hospitals. She also an Honorary Clinical Fellow of the School of Medicine, NUI Galway.Mary Clare is a health services researcher who has previously managed a large cross-border multi-centre randomised controlled trial and has been Co-applicant and Collaborator on numerous Health Research Board and Irish Research Council funded studies and has published in many peer-reviewed journals. Her research interests include developing and evaluating complex structured diabetes education and self management support programmes.  She has recently joined the International Alliance for Diabetes Self Management and Prevention ( uk/). Last year she led on the organisation and hosting a major international 3-day conference in NUI Galway called Strength in Numbers. Since 2014, she has using Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) methodologies to form a Young Adult Panel consisting of 8 service-users living with type 1 diabetes to be co-researchers and co-designers of the D1 Now Study.  Mary Clare will oversee the D1 Now Study and will lead of several of its work streams.